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Army Celebrates 237th Birthday

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. REYES. I want to thank my colleague and fellow cochair from the Army Caucus, Judge Carter, for yielding me the time to honor the United States Army on its 237th birthday.

The Army, as my colleague has said, dates back to 1775. It has always stood tall, both in peacetime and in times of war, in times of conflict or police actions, which means that our proud men and women in the Army have stood in harm's way to benefit freedom not just for our country, but throughout the world.

Our Army has been at war now for over 10 years. Today it is battle tested, and it's proven itself once again. Our Army is over 1 million strong, composed of some of America's most dedicated and outstanding individuals. So today I'm proud to stand with my cochair to take a moment to recognize the men and women who have selflessly served our Army for the past 237 years, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom and our American way of life. We pause to thank our soldiers and their families for their service and their commitment, which remain steadfast and strong.

From the Revolutionary War to the current conflict in Afghanistan, our Army has triumphed over those who seek to harm our country. For 237 years, the Army has always been relevant and remains a critical force for world freedom today. With the transformation of the Army to a leaner, lighter, and more lethal force, the United States Army will continue to be vital to our national security and to the national security of countries around the globe.

As we plan for the future, let us reflect on the great legacy that the United States Army has given this great Nation through the men and women who were and are proud to be Americans. Our soldiers, noncommissioned officers, and officers of the United States Army are the most outstanding fighting force in our world. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication to excellence and their commitment to duty, honor, and country. And let us not forget their families who sacrifice for our national security as well. Their execution is unmatched, their commitment is unwavering, and their bond is unbreakable. I am proud to be part of that Army lineage, and this morning, as I wear this Army-strong tribute, I salute our brave men and women who have made our Army great, but who have kept our country safe and secure and represent the global effort to maintain freedom around the world.

So again, I am proud to stand with my cochair, Judge Carter, and pay tribute for the past 237 years of sacrifice to our great United States Army.


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