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Scalise: Obama's Comments About Private Sector Show That He's "Out of Touch"


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steve Scalise today blasted President Obama for his comment during a press conference that "the private sector is doing fine."

"President Obama's comment that 'the private sector is doing fine' highlights just how out of touch he is with the millions of American families and small businesses who are still struggling," Scalise said. "Unemployment has stayed above 8% for 40 consecutive months since President Obama took office, while at the same time he has added trillions of dollars in new debt, and the bottom has fallen out of President Obama's failed policies.

"The private sector is not 'doing fine' for the millions of men and women struggling to find jobs in the Obama economy. It's not 'doing fine' for the thousands of small businesses still struggling under the weight of Obama's radical regulations and reckless policies like Obamacare. House Republicans have passed dozens of bills to create millions of high-paying jobs and get our economy back on track, just to have them stalled by liberals running the Senate, and it's time for President Obama to get off the sidelines and start working with us to create jobs so we can finally get our economy back on track."

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