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E-Newsletter: Rep. Culberson Responds to Amnesty Plan


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"This is an absolute outrage on so many levels"

Dear Friend,

I am outraged the president has ignored the law and overwhelming public opposition in granting amnesty to nearly one million illegal aliens. It is fundamentally wrong to reward illegal behavior and it is illegal for the Chief Executive Officer to issue orders that violate federal law.

If you are a law abiding American and out of work, your job hunt just got immensely more difficult because you now have to compete with nearly one million illegal aliens that President Obama just unleashed on the job market. This is an absolute outrage on so many levels. I will work tirelessly to overturn the president's unilateral and illegal amnesty program as soon as possible.

The solution to illegal immigration is common sense:

First, secure the border with zero tolerance;

Second, enforce existing laws requiring employers to confirm the legal status of employees;

Third, ensure that illegal aliens do not have access to our nearly bankrupt social welfare programs.

After all of these steps have been taken, Congress should overhaul the guest worker and Visa programs so that we can accurately keep track of foreign nationals while they are in the country, ensure they pay taxes, and make certain they go home on schedule. Additionally, Congress needs to repeal the anchor baby law and establish English as the official language.

Once the borders are secure, our laws are enforced, the Visa system is streamlined and a guest worker program is in place, we will have dealt with our growing problem with illegal immigration in a way that is honorable and consistent with our long tradition of enforcing our laws equally.


John Culberson
Member of Congress

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