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Health Care Tax

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SAM JOHNSON of Texas. Now more than ever the President and Congress need to cut spending and pass legislation that promotes job growth. Instead, the government is just months away from enacting a job-killing tax on medical devices that will drastically harm our Nation's medical industry. An estimated 43,000 jobs could be lost and could force these American factories to relocate overseas. President Obama wants to implement this harmful tax as a way to pay for his nearly $2 trillion health care law. This is insane.

The government has a spending problem. American taxpayers shouldn't have to foot the bill for this disastrous law, and businesses shouldn't have to fork over more of their money to pay for Washington's reckless spending spree.

It's time to promote real solutions--let's cut spending, repeal ObamaCare, and protect hardworking taxpayers from these destructive taxes. Americans want, need, and deserve real solutions, and we can take action now and vote this week to eliminate this tax.

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