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Pass the Transportation Bill and Put Americans Back to Work

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. COHEN. Much emphasis has been put on the deficit and that we do need to deal with the deficit. But at the same time, one way to deal with it is to stimulate the economy. There's no better way to stimulate the economy than a transportation bill that repairs our infrastructure, puts people to work here in America, and improves the ability of industry to move its product and for consumers to get product. Yet the transportation bill that's been passed in the House and passed in the Senate--differing bills--is stuck in a conference committee.

We need to pass a transportation bill and put America back to work with American-made products by American workers. My city of Memphis is a transportation center. We know highways and runways move product and move people and make sense. So I urge our leaders to see that the conference committee comes back, doesn't have extraneous provisions, and does what is necessary to put America back to work and passes the highway bill.

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