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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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Our state government's burdensome health insurance regulations have had two disastrous effects:

1. Some health insurance companies have left the state, leaving employers and employees less options from which to choose.

2. As less choice has led to less competition and higher prices, businesses have suffered and some have closed their doors, reducing the jobs available in our state.

For those who are concerned that the national health insurance reform goes too far and will cost too much, there are things we can do right here in Washington State that will reduce costs and make health insurance more accessible to all.

Eliminating many of the 50+ mandates that are currently required for all insurance policies in our state will drive down costs and encourage more companies to compete for our business. For example, why not give the employer and employee the option of a less expensive policy that doesn't include Port-wine Stain Elimination or Acupuncturists?

States that have put limits on non-economic damage court settlements drive down costs and enjoy a greater choice of physicians, because the lower medical overhead costs encourage doctors to practice in those states. We need this type of tort reform.

Just as we don't expect our car insurance to pay for our tires and gas, I am for allowing employers the latitude to offer health savings accounts and much less expensive health insurance policies that don't cover every sniffle and cough. As people see financial incentive in using their health dollars wisely, we would see significantly lower health costs.

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