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Loebsack Calls for Ending Taxpayer Funding of Presidential Nominating Conventions


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Dave Loebsack recently became the first Democrat in the House to cosponsor legislation that would end the taxpayer provided subsidies for political party conventions. The legislation, HR 5912, will prohibit the use of public funds for political party conventions and return the funds for deficit reduction.

"Under no circumstance does it make sense that the presidential nominating conventions held every four years by both Democrats and Republicans are paid for in part by the American taxpayers. There is no question that each political party has the resources to privately fund each event and is not in need of public support.

"Working families sitting around their kitchen tables have had to make tough decisions about how to cut their budgets. Eliminating this subsidy seems like a pretty easy decision for Congress to make to help get their own fiscal house in order. This is outdated and outrageous and needs to end."

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