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Blog: President Blames Congress for Inaction...From the Campaign Trail


Location: Washington, DC

Most people saw the troubling news yesterday that the economy added just 69,000 jobs in the month of May causing unemployment to increase for the first time in a year. The news caused the stock market to sharply decline, with the Dow dropping almost 275 points -- the worst day for the market in 2012.

The numbers clearly show that the president's economic policies are an utter failure. Unemployment remains high and these latest numbers have created a fear of a new recession. Unfortunately, even bad news like this can't shock this president into facing reality. But even I couldn't believe it when I ran across an AP story this morning entitled "President Obama Blames Congress for Weak Jobs Report."

Seriously Mr. President?

For starters, it might be easier to take you seriously if you didn't play the blame game in the middle of six campaign stops in Chicago and Minnesota. Yep. You heard that right. Six. So while the president was complaining that Congress wasn't doing enough, he was raising money for his reelection. How does that old saying go…people who live in glass houses shouldn't stones. Maybe if the president would spend any time in Washington trying to govern rather than spending all his time on the campaign trail giving speeches, the American people could take his criticism of Congress a little more seriously.

Not to mention the fact that House Republicans have been hard at work for the last 17 months doing every thing we can to enact legislation to create jobs and boost the economy. In fact, House Republicans have passed dozens of job creating bills -- that have unfortunately been swallowed up and lost in the Senate. So if the president wants to blame Congress, maybe he should look at the inaction of his own political party that controls the Senate.

Rather than playing the blame game, the president needs to get off the campaign trail and get back to Washington and work with House Republicans.

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