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Blog: Fast and Furious Investigation Update


Location: Unknown

With proof in hand, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Rep. Darrell E. Issa (R-CA) is demanding justice and accountability for the actions of Attorney General Eric Holder in the 2006-2011 drug cartel sting operation, Fast and Furious.

After months of faulty testimonies and denial of details concerning the operation, AG Eric Holder has finally been caught red handed thanks to the wiretapping device used during the sting itself.

In a letter addressed to the AG just yesterday, Rep. Issa has given substantial proof of not only the acknowledgement of Operation Fast and Furious by Mr. Holder but the "detail specific actions." All of which are contrary to Holder's faulty testimony to Congress back in Nov. of 2011.

After Holder's address to Congress I, along with the Republican House party, signed a petition to urge President Obama to demand the immediate resignation of Mr. Holder. However, even with over 40 signatures, our demands were disregarded and Mr. Holder has been allowed to carry on without any consequences for his actions.

While Holder, along with the rest of the Department of Justice, has yet to refute Issa's claims, America must wait to see what happens next. As not only your elected representative but a man of moral integrity, I will make sure justice is served and the life of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry doesn't go without reprisal.

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