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Blog: Power of the Nation: House Republicans Unveil Domestic Energy and Jobs Act to Create Jobs and Lower Energy Costs


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Jobs. It's the word on everyone's mouth. Where are the jobs? Why aren't we seeing more jobs created? What is Congress doing to help create jobs?

There are thousands of different answers to those questions depending upon who you ask, and most of their answers have to do with blame. Blame Democrats for overregulation. Blame Republicans for not taxing the "wealthy." Blame Wall Street for creating uncertainty. Unfortunately, rarely do those answers actually involve solutions for the 13 million Americans who remain out of work.

Rather than continuing the blame game, House Republicans decided to roll up our sleeves and come up with some real solutions to the unemployment crisis facing our nation right now through the House Republican Plan for Job Creation. We have passed dozens of bills here in the House to boost job creation and help get Americans back to work. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats continue to hold up these bills and 29 of them are still waiting for action in the Senate.

So, House Republicans went back to the drawing board and decided we needed to introduce legislation that has proven bipartisan support so the stalwarts in the Senate couldn't play partisan politics with our economy anymore. And that's why we've introduced the Domestic Energy & Jobs Act.

The Domestic Energy & Jobs Act is a package of legislation aimed at reducing energy costs for American families and creating American jobs by boosting American energy production. And the best part -- this legislation should not be controversial because each and every bill in this package has bipartisan support coming out of committee. That means both parties can get on board with the ideas behind the Domestic Energy & Jobs Act.

Some highlights of the Domestic Energy & Jobs Act:

Freezes expensive regulations coming out of the Obama Administration on an almost daily basis on the energy industry
Opens up federal lands for more oil and natural gas production, including the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska
Streamlines the permitting process by removing government roadblocks and bureaucratic red tape that delays energy production here in the United States
Conducts a study of EPA rules and actions that affect the price of gasoline and diesel to determine the potential negative impact they may have
And the best part is that the Domestic Energy & Jobs Act gives you two for the price of one. In addition to boosting job creation, it also helps to lower energy costs facing American families. That means the new norm of $3.50 a gallon gas can go away as can the days of eight percent unemployment.

The United States is filled with untapped energy sources. From coal, to oil, to natural gas, we sit on the potential for hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions in saved energy costs. But only way to access that is by allowing energy companies to use those God given natural resources. That's what the Domestic Energy & Jobs Act does. It allows us to reach our energy potential.

Next week will be the last edition of Power the Nation. I will talk about the growing popularity of natural gas and how it must be a part of our energy plan if we want to become truly energy independent. I encourage you to visit my website to check out all of the Power the Nation columns.

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