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Yucca Mountain

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. Speaker, the American people have lost more than $15 billion to cronyism. Pennsylvanians alone have lost $1.4 billion.

Right now, in southern Nevada, there is an expensive hole in the ground where there should be a nuclear waste repository. We should be storing dangerous nuclear waste at a single secure and geologically sound location. Instead, much of it sits aboveground at dozens of sites scattered across the United States.

When President Obama appointed Harry Reid's aide, Gregory Jaczko, as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission chairman, he shut down Yucca Mountain against the express wishes of Congress. Jaczko even tried to stop the application process, defying a court order to continue certifying the safety of the facility.

Yesterday, this House overwhelmingly voted to give the NRC an additional $10 million to do its job. No more excuses. Do the work so that we know whether Yucca Mountain is safe.

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