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President's Policies Hurting America

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. THOMPSON of Pennsylvania. Mr. Speaker, there are too many Americans out of work, and the President's policies only make things worse. There are fewer prime working-age adults in jobs than at any point in the two decades prior to the start of the recession. By combining those who are not actively seeking work, along with those who are involuntarily working part-time, the real unemployment rate checks in at 14.5 percent.

The President's policies have led to lower U.S. rankings on world indexes of economic freedom and business opportunity. The President's regulations are costing businesses billions. The EPA Utility MACT rule alone will cost $9.6 billion per year to the American consumer, according to the Agency's own estimates.

The President has stalled energy development on public lands, leaving us subject to foreign oil imports and high gas prices.

Mr. Speaker there are 28 bipartisan bills awaiting Senate action. It is long past time for the President and the Senate to join with the House to increase American jobs, opportunity, and competitiveness.

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