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America's Transportation System

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DeFAZIO. Mr. Speaker, last night we debated the future of our national transportation system. There are two competing views. There are those of us who want to rebuild and build upon the Eisenhower legacy with a national transportation system. And then there are those on the ultra-right who say the Federal Government should not invest in the national transportation system. It should be devolved to the States.

Hey, we already tried that. This is 1956. This is the brand spanking new Kansas turnpike. Guess what? It ended in a farmer's field at the Oklahoma line because Oklahoma didn't build their section until the Eisenhower plan passed and the Federal Government made the investment. They want to go back to those good old days. That's going to work really well.

Those of us who believe in investing in a national transportation system, putting America back to work, being more competitive and more fuel efficient last night were accused of being Socialists. We're Socialists because we believe in that. Right, Dwight David Eisenhower was a Socialist? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce are Socialists?

The U.S. Chamber is adamantly opposed to the Broun instruction. They say the Chamber strongly opposes the Broun motion to instruct conferees and urges you to vote against this effort to slash funding for highways, transit and safety programs.

He would take it zero--no new investment on October 1.

That's bad for America.

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