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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

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It's time we have an economy that works again for people who work for a living. In the last thirty years, productivity in this country has nearly doubled. That means the average family should be twice as wealthy as it was then. But that's not what's happened. Middle class Tennesseans haven't shared in the wealth they worked so hard to create. It isn't right that CEOs today make more money in one day than their average employee makes in an entire year. I want to see the words "Made in America" again. It isn't right that every time a big corporation shutters the doors of a plant in Tennessee and moves the jobs overseas its profits go up. We need leaders who understand that the best way to keep jobs in Tennessee is to educate our children well and partner with local businesses to make sure our colleges and technical schools prepare workers for jobs in the global economy. We need an economy with good jobs, health care that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and benefits we count on for a lifetime. Too many people are working harder and longer but still falling behind. We need leaders we can trust to protect the interests of ordinary Tennesseans, not special interests. We need leaders who understand the value of investing in small business and new industries that create jobs. Most importantly, we need leaders who share middle class values: education, fairness, and personal responsibility.

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