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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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We as Americans have somehow adopted the notion that "one size fits all" should be fine when it comes to childhood and teen education. However, in most areas of life we do not settle for that (i.e.: houses, colleges, cars, jobs, etc.) and we all have different desires. Where we do find a "one size fits all" mentality is in communist countries (houses, colleges, cars, jobs etc.).

Published research indicates that we in Tennessee are in the bottom 10 in education in the country. Surely we can do better than that!! How? Competition!! History proves that competition drives a market. Competition in the work force requires businesses to get lean, to get competitive and to lower prices. Competition forces companies to look at what competitors are doing and EVALUATE their own performance.

That is why I am a big proponent of other types of education such as home schooling, charter schools and private schools. Please don't get me wrong -- I am very thankful for public education and I understand the huge need it fills. I just don't see it as the answer to all of our education problems. I also don't believe that continuing to throw money at it will fix all of the problems. If there is a standard to be met such as an SAT, why can't some of these other options be promoted? School vouchers are a great way to accomplish this. They provide parents with a means by which to take control of their children's education and at the same time have some tax dollars returned.

As a result of the time we are investing in this race, my wife and I decided to home school our children this year and are extremely pleased that we made this change.

Putting together a strong team of educators from the grassroots communities such as Greene and Cocke counties, we could come up with a plan that would save tax dollars and increase our standing in a global economy with education.

The education that our children receive today is the future we will have tomorrow!

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