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Blog: It's Official -- We're on the Ballot!


Location: Unknown

You did it! You collected more than 6,000 signatures to put Angus King on the ballot, the first crucial step for the campaign, the first step toward Maine leading Congressional change. Thank you to our amazing team of volunteers!

The team gathered at the Maine State House where one of our top signature gatherers, Wendy Newmeyer owner of Maine Balsam Fir Products introduced Angus.

I have supported Angus since his first run for independent governor. And I said to myself, "why would he want to do this again?' The answer is that it has to be done!

Angus took the podium to thank the volunteers (after telling a story about climbing into the State House through an open window that we'll skip here.)
Well, it's really overwhelming to see all you here, and also the people you're representing who help collect these signatures… 1500 people have come forward, and have not only said we are supportive, but we want to help, we want to do something. And of course our challenge now is, what do you do?
I've suggested dividing the volunteers into two groups and having them write thank you notes to each other. So if all of you get thank you notes in the next couple of weeks, you'll know who wrote them, right? The person to your left.
[Just kidding, we have plenty for you to do! Join the team.]

As Angus delved more seriously into the issue of a broken Congress…
I think that there's an opportunity for a small group, and all it would take is 4 or 5, a centrist coalition if you will, who could have a great deal of influence on the course of modern American history.

This is a critical moment because these problems that we're facing, whether it be the economy, health care, the debt, energy, when you think about them there's a common thread: they're all time sensitive. They'll all get worse if we don't deal with them in the reasonably near future.

Angus ended with some talk of where the campaign is headed around the state, The County this week, and how hard everyone on the team is working.

This will be an all-out campaign for the next 6 months, it's an important campaign, it's an important campaign for Maine, and I believe it's an important campaign for the country.

I deeply appreciate your help, and with your help and the help of the people of Maine, we are, in fact, going to make a difference for the United States of America. Thank you.

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