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Issue Position: Workers Rights

Issue Position

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ALL hard-working Americans should have their rights protected. ALL should have the right to have their voices heard. ALL should be free to pursue economic prospects. If left to the President and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the concept of "ALL" will be left to the side in order to advance political favors for the activist agenda of union allies.

We saw here in the First District what happens when the President and the NLRB bow to their union benefactors. Thousands of jobs were threatened, and many foreign businesses expressed concern about expanding to the United States because of the environment being created. I led the charge against the President's agenda, which he channeled through the NLRB, and thankfully we were able to save jobs in South Carolina. However, the threat remains.
I sponsored the Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act, passed by the House of Representatives, which takes away the NLRB's ability to destroy jobs. I have authored the Employee Rights Act, which will ensure the rights of all workers are protected. I have introduced the Empower Employees Act, which will prevent union dues from being automatically deducted without an employee's consent.

Fairness is a word used quite often these days, and I believe it applies everywhere, not just where it fits the President's political agenda. I earned an A+ rating from the Competitive Enterprise Institute's Labor Scorecard initiative for my work on this issue. I will continue working to ensure the voice of all workers can be heard without the threat of intimidation, and in addition to introducing the three bills above have also supported the following bills:

Davis-Bacon Repeal Act (HR 745)

State Right to Vote Act (HR 1047)

National Right-to-Work Act (HR 2040)

Protecting American Jobs Act (HR 2978)

Adjusting Davis-Bacon for Inflation Act (HR 3135)

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