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Issue Position: Investment

Issue Position

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Like many of you, I have shuddered at the actions of so many legislators who simply spend our tax dollars bailing out failing businesses or putting public money into the hands of special interests. This is not a way to promote real economic growth. When people are free to compete and pursue their business dreams, they will put their private capital into small and large business ventures. They will take the risk, not the tax payer, and we should encourage such investment and allow them to receive honest profits from honest investment. This simply philosophy is what transformed the American colonies into the United States of America. This simple philosophy is what can make Missouri a place where businesses can invest, grow and create more jobs.

I will support reforms to the nearly $600 Million in tax credits and programs. Some of these programs are good, but many are not utilized wellproperly or properly overseen. I will work to make sure that Missouri only provides tax incentives to growth industries which are in high demand. I will work to prevent use of tax incentives or tax dollars to prop up failing businesses or bail out investors. Washington has shown us the monumental waste of tax money that occurs when Government tries to spend its way to a better economy. These old ideas failed us and other nations in the past. Each state, beginning with Missouri, should work to insure that we areour State is not spending on pork projects or subsidizing one Missouri company against another Missouri company. People will invest in Missouri and create jobs if they believe they are free to succeed and free to honestly compete. When people invest in our state, we all can prosper.

A healthy and vibrant economy in the state will positively affect all other parts. We must elect people who will promote real solutions no matter the political costs.

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