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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

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Missouri and Clay County are struggling to overcome our recent economic crisis. While all 50 states are suffering from declining revenues, Missouri has weathered the storm better than most states due to responsible fiscal management and some tough decisions. I will work to continue this action of fiscal responsibility. High taxes and destructive public debt can kill private enterprise and force Missouri into a long term depression. Japan tried to tax and spend its way out of a recession in the 1990's, ; the result was Japan's "lost decade" of systemic decline. My roots go deep in Clay County soil, several generations in a family farm, and over 15 years in our local banking communityMy family is a long time farm family, and I have worked for nearly 15 years in our local banking industry. We have seen tough times before and we have always been able to overcome these challenges by using common sense and keeping to the fundamentals or lifting into place what I call the "Big Rocks." These Big Rock priorities, along with other priorities, prevent our values from being washed away by inevitable challenges.That is to say, having the right "priorities."

As a business owner and a person who has worked with businesses throughout my career, I am very familiar with what makes businesses them successful from working with businesses throughout my career and having beenbeing a business owner. r myself . I know that when a business is successful it leads to good jobs. I also have experienced seen the ways in which misuse of government powergovernment can actually harm business job creation; through excessive or needless taxation, regulation and bureaucracy. . Creating good paying jobs occurs in three parts, : infrastructure, education, and private investment.

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