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The Clinton Chronicle - Duncan Receives High Marks in First Year

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Third District Congresssman Jeff Duncan scored well with a number of conservative groups after his first year in office. Many organizations have started releasing scorecards as an easy way to measure how Members are performing after their first year in office.

The scores are usually made up of items such as bill co-sponsorships and voting records. Heritage Action, Club for Growth, the American Conservative Union, and Numbers USA all gave Duncan high marks for 2011.

Open Doors USA, a group that advocates for religious freedom, gave Duncan a perfect score for his first year. At the end of 2011, Heritage Action named Duncan the most conservative Member of Congress. Duncan remains atop Heritage's House of Representatives scorecard with a 98%.

Heritage Action is the political arm of the Heritage Foundation, which advocates for conservative policy principles. Heritage Action's CEO Michael A. Needham said, "Americans are lucky to have a strong core of rock-solid conservative Congressmen and Senators, but if we are to save the American dream for our children and grandchildren, more lawmakers must be willing to fight for conservative policies with every single vote."

Duncan said that he hopes that the 2012 election will bring a new wave of conservatives to Washington to reinforce him and the others that are already fighting to implement conservative policies.

The Club for Growth, an organization that advocates for policies that encourage economic growth, gave Duncan a 97% on their 2011 scorecard. The Club for Growth's President Chris Chocola said, "The Club for Growth's 2011 Scorecard is intended to help our members and the general public differentiate between those who talk a good game about economic growth, and those who actually vote for pro-growth policy. Defenders of economic freedom are hard to find, but we hope that those who are currently serving redouble their efforts to save America from fiscal ruin in 2012."

In 2011, Duncan scored a 96% with the American Conservative Union, a grassroots organization that advocates for economic growth through lower taxes and reduced government spending and the issues of liberty, personal responsibility, traditional values and national security.

"With the growth of government expanding faster than at any time in the history of our country, the ACU intends to continue to play a major role in giving the American people the tools they need to make informed voting decisions at every level of government," said Al Cardenas, the chairman of the American Conservative Union. "We hope our 2011 Ratings of Congress is a critical source of information for conservatives, voters, the general public and media."

Numbers USA, an organization that seeks to combat illegal immigration, also gave Duncan an A for his first year. This grade is calculated by using a comprehensive list of all immigration-related actions. Duncan was one of only two South Carolina Representatives to score an A with Numbers USA last year. Duncan earned a perfect 100 with Open Doors USA in 2011.

"Open Doors USA is grateful for Congressman Jeff Duncan's strong support and prioritization of international religious freedom as evidenced by his 100% score in our 112th midterm scorecard. It is wonderful to see a freshman member of Congress be so pro-active on this important issue in his first year of service as a U. S. Representative," said Lindsay Vessey, the Advocacy Director for Open Doors USA.

"I am grateful to those that sent me to Congress and gave me the opportunity to support conservative policies. I look forward to continuing to represent the 3rd District of South Carolina to the best of my ability," said Duncan.

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