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E-Newsletter 5/4/12


Location: Unknown

In 2008, President Obama called massive deficits "irresponsible."
Well, that would make President Obama the most "irresponsible" president in our country's history. Under the president's policies, the national debt has increased by $5 trillion in only four years.

At $17,000 per person or $70,000 per family, the figures are depressing to both our economy and our mindsets. And the fact remains, that the deficit bill doesn't get handed to the president, it gets handed to the taxpayer.
I have stood up for the taxpayers of the Second District to demand that outrageous spending in Washington end. Will you donate $25 now to my campaign? The June 12th primary quickly approaches, and I need your help if we're going to rein in federal spending.

The fiscal reality of the president's spending is astounding. American taxpayers will be forced to pay back the $5,170,000,000,000.00 from President Obama's reckless spending. And why is it reckless?

While the economy might be recovering, it's far behind where it should be. In fact, this recovery is the worst in all of American history. Despite all the promises, President Obama's policies have been unable to deliver a better future for our nation. It's money wasted.

That's why spending cuts and balanced budgets are essential to getting America back on track.

I've stood against spending increases and demanded that Washington have fiscal sanity. Will you give $25 to help support my efforts to cut spending and balance the budget? With less than three weeks until my primary, I need your help today to continue promoting conservative policies that will help our state and nation.

I won't give up the fight for responsible spending to create a prosperous economy and a more limited government. Please join with me today.



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