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Issue Position: Jobs and Economy

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With a few loans, a vision, and a lot of hard work, a couple friends and I started a small real estate business from scratch during college. Over the last 30 years, I helped grow the business and create jobs and opportunity across North Dakota.

In North Dakota we know that jobs come from small business, not big government. Small businesses are the backbone and engine of our economy, and their health is critical to our success as a nation. The number one task for our elected leaders in Washington is to create an environment that encourages businesses to grow and thrive in the private economy. We can accomplish this by fixing the tax code to help job creators, reducing regulatory burdens, opening markets to American made products, and increasing domestic production of energy.

The Washington model of more government, more regulation, and more taxation is not the answer. North Dakotans know the value of a pro-business environment that encourages businesses to grow and energy producers to make long-term investments in our state. We know that creating a budget and sticking to it is critical for fiscal stability and economic growth.

The House has passed important bipartisan legislation aimed at improving our economy and growing jobs. Unfortunately, our efforts have been blocked by a US Senate that has taken no action on these bipartisan proposals and has not passed a budget in over 1,000 days. The Washington way of doing things isn't working.

As I travel the state and talk to North Dakotans, it is clear that we're all frustrated. We have heard the same rhetoric for years, but have failed to see the results. Millions of Americans are still out of work, unemployment has remained above 8 percent through every month of President Obama's term, we have experienced the longest period of sustained high unemployment since the Great Depression, nearly 50 million Americans live in poverty and our global competitiveness is on the decline.

America deserves better. Our children deserve better.

We need new leadership and new ideas. It's time for the President and Senate Democrats to take note of the common sense solutions that have worked right here in North Dakota. It's time to put America back to work.

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