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Issue Position: Balancing the Budget

Issue Position

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Washington spending is out of control. We are currently on pace for the fourth year in a row with a budget deficit over one trillion dollars, and the national debt has ballooned from $10 trillion in 2008 to over $15 trillion dollars today.

To make matters worse, Senate Democrats have not passed a budget in over 1,000 days.

I'm running for the US Senate to help change Washington so that children like my son Jack won't be saddled with mountains of debt caused by this runaway spending. Right now, our children and every child that is born in this country owe over $40,000 in national debt. That's money they won't have to get a decent education and find work that suits them. That's less money to make the best use of their talents and money they won't have to get married, buy a house, or start a family. Instead, they'll owe it to China and every other country that holds a portion of our national debt. That's the Washington way, but it's not our way.

We need to make Washington more like North Dakota.

North Dakota is one of the 49 states that abide by some form of a balanced budget requirement. Our families and businesses know that you can't spend more than you take in. During my time in the North Dakota State Legislature I worked with then-Governor John Hoeven to balance our state budget five times, and now Washington needs to do the same.

I was elected to the US House to help change the way Washington works. Part of that commitment is why I led nearly 20 other first-term legislators in calling on Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment as a necessary course of action to put the brakes on out of control Washington spending.

Fifteen years ago, a balanced budget amendment passed the House with bipartisan support only to fail by one vote in the Senate. During that time, our national debt has tripled from $4.9 trillion to over $15 trillion.

Not surprisingly, President Obama is opposed to a balanced budget amendment. He would rather continue the business as usual policies that have resulted in adding nearly $5 trillion to the national debt during his time in office.

America can't afford to continue down this path of unsustainable spending. It's time to pass a balanced budget amendment and curb out of control Washington spending.

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