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KX - Heidi Heitkamp Holds First Town Hall Meeting

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Location: Bismark, ND

Five months after announcing her run for U.S. Senate.

North Dakotan's hear from Heidi Heitkamp.

Donnell Preskey catches up with Heitkamp at her first town hall meeting...

"It's kinda a kickoff event for me," says Democrat Heidi Heitkamp.

This is her first organized event to talk politics with potential voters.

Heitkamp says, "I was motivated to do it this week was Berg / Ryan budget."

Heitkamp announced her run for U.S. Senate in November.

But until now she's been pretty quiet.

Heitkamp says, "Most people are tired of non stop campaigning. I think the non stop campaigning has led to gridlock in Washington."

Heitkamp got the democratic endorsement four weeks ago.

Her first ad recently hit the air.

In contrast, Republican Rick Berg, has been very visible.

Heitkamp says,"I want to talk about what I believe what directions we need to take this country."

In her first leap into the public eye this campaign season, she is targeting the Ryan Budget. A plan that Representative Berg supported.

Heitkamp is critical of the cuts to farm programs, student aid and medicare.

Meanwhile, since Heitkamp entered the race -- Republicans have attacked her for backing President Obama's Healthcare plan.

"My challenge is lets have a discussion what works to solve the problem with healthcare delivery in our state. I don't think repealing a bill that prohibits the use of preexisting conditions to deny people insurance or kick people off insurance is the right public policy," says Heitkamp.

But beyond political attacks and ads... Heitkamp, Berg and Duane Sand share a similar thought on America's debt.

Heitkamp says, "I think about my kids and the country my parents gave me when I was young... Concept of paying as good... Country handing off to my kids... that's not the country i think we are or that we owe to our kids."

Heitkamp, Berg and Sand all say they support a balanced budget amendment.

Heitkamp will be running against Rick Berg or Duane Sand in November.

Berg and Sand are competing for Republicans vote in the June primary.

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