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KX News - Heitkamp Says Nation Needs an Energy Policy

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By Tom Gerhardt

Calling it a massive failure of the past two administrations, Heidi Heitkamp outlines her plans for a national energy policy.

The democratic candidate for US Senate says the nation needs a long term policy involving everything from coal and oil to solar power.

Heitkamp says high energy costs and roller coaster gasoline prices are taking a toll on families.

She says right now in North Dakota if you earn $50-thousand dollars or less, you're spending close to a fourth of your income on energy.

Heitkamp says her plan hits on three points: reducing our dependence on foreign sources of energy, lessoning impact on our environment, and most importantly, reducing costs.

all about gridlock.

"And a lot of it is right here in North Dakota, and what we are missing is leadership. And for the Bush administration tried their hand at a plan, there hasn't been any attention to it since then, I think it's a huge failure of this administration and this congress, and I think it's all about gridlock," says Heitkamp.

Heitkamp says she would take on oil speculation, which drives up costs for Americans while making money for many on Wall Street.

She says if elected she will also concentrate on delivery systems for energy, like the Keystone XL Pipeline, which she supports.

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