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KFYR News - Heitkamp Speaks on Energy Policy

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Oil is playing a big part in many aspects of life in North Dakota, including politics, tourism, and the impact on people left out of the boom. Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Heidi Heitkamp says while domestic oil is a good thing, certain aspects of our nation`s energy policy needs to change.

Heitkamp outlined three things she says Congress needs to address. The first is providing low cost energy for America. She also says the country needs to reduce its dependency on foreign sources of oil, while also providing minimum disruption to the environment here.

"I think in the long run one thing that can reduce the price of gasoline at the pump is increasing domestic refinery capacity. Not shipping our oil over and then shipping the gasoline back. That makes absolutely no sense and it adds to the cost."

A Republican spokesman says that the best way to achieve that would be to build the Keystone Pipeline which President Obama rejected earlier this year.

Heitkamp said she also was disappointed with the President`s decision.

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