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KX News - North Dakota Republican Convention

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Location: Unknown

Republicans say the level of excitement couldn't be higher.

A near-record ONE THOUSAND-NINE HUNDRED AND 40 delegates and alternates registered for its State Endorsing Convention at the Bismarck Civic Center.

GOP delegates are picking favored candidates for eight offices both today and tomorrow.

There's competition for four of the ticket spots.

Even though -- there's not a lot of contests -- there's a lot at steak -- and a lot of excitement.

Thousands attended.

North Dakota Republicans start their state convention by endorsing Rick Berg for the U.S. Senate.

Berg said, "If we don't do something our kids are going to live in an America that has lost it's way

Matt Becker says, "This is one of the most exciting Conventions we've had in decades really, we just unanimously voted on Rick Berg to run for the senate, the delegates here are fired up and ready to go."

More than 1600 delegates cast their vote for who they want on the June primary ballot ...and send to Washington.

Richard Bitz is one of the delegates. "People are excited and want to make sure the government is held accountable and if they don't change there is going to be more problems."

Another delegate, Aaron Hanson says, " I'm 22 and ever since I was 18 I knew there was something wrong with the system and I wanted to do everything in my power to get my voice heard."

Delegate Karmin Siirtola, "We were given its our responsibility to continue that and this process is part of that and I just think its so important."

It's democracy working at it's best---First candidates take the stage to share their vision for our state and country----then it is the voters turn to speak up.

Becker explains, "We think the candidates we have and we have a lot of them, really bring a lot of different perspectives to the table."

In order to win the party nomination a candidate must get the majority of the vote, plus one.

The delegates voted on three contested races today; for the Public Service Commission, Super Intendment of Public Instruction and Governor.

Incumbent Governor Jack Dalrymple was criticized for spending to much over the last two years.

But in the end voters stuck with Jack.

Dalrymple beating Fargo architect Paul Sorum with more than 11-hundred votes.

" I will dedicate myself and my experience to our continued success," said Dalrymple.

Tomorrow delegates will vote for the candidate they want on the ticket for North Dakota's only U.S. House Seat.

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