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The Dickinson Press - From Hettinger to Washington, D.C.: Rick Berg wants common sense legislation

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Location: Unknown

By April Baumgarten

U.S. Rep. Rick Berg, R-N.D., used to wrestle his competition for the Black Devils in Hettinger. Now, after trading in his '70s-style outfit for a business suit, he is wrestling representatives in Washington, D.C.

"Common sense legislation that we're passing in the House is not even being brought up in the Senate," he said. "It goes all the way back to if your cattle are getting out, you fix the fence. If they are getting out in the other pasture, you go over there and fix that fence."

Born in Maddock, Berg moved to Minneapolis when he was 4 so his father, Bert Berg, could go to the University of Minnesota for veterinarian school. Rick and his family moved to Hettinger when he was in the second grade.

He spent his summers hauling bales and working cattle, his mother, Francie Berg, said, adding he worked hard his whole life. Rick said times sometimes got hard, but it helped him shape his life.

"I wouldn't be serving in the U.S. Congress if it wasn't for growing up in western North Dakota," Rick said.

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