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KFYR - House Members Visit Petroleum Conference

News Article

Location: Unknown

By Jessica Roose

Several members of the U.S. House visited key spots in eight states to highlight America`s domestic energy resources. That included a stop at the Petroleum Conference.

Fracking regulations need to be left to the states. That was the message that Representative Rick Berg and his colleague, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy stressed to attendees of the Petroleum Conference.

"We understand here fracking for oil is way different than fracking in the east coast and fracking in other areas. So we need to make sure that we`re doing the regulation level at the state level and we keep that," Berg said.


Berg and McCarthy say the policy needs to include goals that the country can work towards, including becoming energy independent.

"I believe in American oil for American soil," McCarthy said.

He says to do that the country needs to look at utilizing all forms of energy available.

"We need all of the above and when you say all of the above it also means below the ground," McCarthy said.

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