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Issue Position: Economy

Issue Position

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· Incentives Regionalization Act
· Establishment of Kansas City Land Bank
· Urban Agriculture Zones

Economic development in the State of Missouri especially as it relates to the Kansas City area needs to start from a position of shared responsibility within the state government in both Jefferson City as well as Topeka. The economic border war being waged over State Line Road does absolutely nothing for citizens of Missouri or Kansas, but instead creates an ambiguous regulatory climate pitting a region against its own self-interests. Rep. Holsman is the sponsor of legislation in the Missouri House of Representatives known as the "Incentives Regionalization Act," or House Bill 2044. This legislation, co-sponsored by the 17 members of the KC caucus, requires that any businesses that move from Kansas to Missouri or Missouri to Kansas applying for economic tax incentives from the opposite state must move in excess of thirty miles. Any move less than thirty miles across State Line would only be eligible for a proportional fraction of any corresponding economic incentive. This legislation must be passed in both states to take effect, but would effectively end the practice of luring businesses to relocate for the purpose of taking advantage of "new jobs' tax credits when no new jobs are really being created.

Establishment of the Kansas City Land bank

"The Kansas City area is currently home to over 12,000 vacant properties. The Missouri General Assembly recently passed legislation that would enable the City of Kansas City to establish a 'Land Bank'. This legislation specifically allows for the establishment of a land bank agency for the management, sale, transfer, and other disposition of tax delinquent land to return it to specified effective use.This major piece of legislation will provide a tool for Kansas City to reverse the trends of blighted properties. Ten years from now we will see a much different Kansas City, largely because this effort helped to promote new private investment in our vacant tracts of land. I am proud to have reached across party lines with my fellow delegates from Kansas City to create a tool for our city to move unproductive properties back into private ownership."

Urban Agriculture Zones

Rep. Holsman has also sponsored legislation that would allow for the creation of urban agriculture zones. Urban agriculture zones or UAZs would, upon approval from the local municipality allow for economic incentives to entrepreneurs that work to strengthen local food systems and mitigate the negative effects associated with urban blight. Zones would be designated as either growers, processors, or vendors. UAZs would be eligible for property tax abatement, similar to Chapter 353 legislation for up to 25 years, wholesale water costs if that service is offered by the municipality, and fifty percent reduction in hook-ups to municipal water. Vendor UAZs would remit any sales taxes collected in the zone and remit those funds to the Treasurer's office. Those funds would then become available to local school districts for the purposes of setting up community gardens on the school premises.

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