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Issue Position: Turning Back the "Stealth Tax"

Issue Position

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"Property taxes are too high," states Senator Carona. "But property taxes are under the authority of locally elected officials, not the State Legislature."

"Placing an arbitrary cap on property taxes can, in fact, prove irresponsible. We don't set local tax rates in Austin ... so we shouldn't be capping them."

"Where the State of Texas should focus its attention is on appraisal reform. Appraisal reform is something we can do something about."

Senator Carona believes our state legislature must address "appraisal creep," described by the Houston Chronicle as "that nasty habit of tax bills rising every year with increased property values."

Senator Carona stands firm that if local officials and taxing entities just lower local tax rates, homeowners will see little benefit. We must also reform the appraisal process, a "stealth tax" which threatens to tax many citizens right out of their homes. The tax valuation process is generally unknown and unfriendly to the residential taxpayer -- this process should be changed.

As a national real estate expert and CEO of the largest real estate management company of its kind in the nation, John Carona deals with these issues first-hand on a daily basis. Senator Carona brings a broad, balanced and common sense view to taxation.

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