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Issue Position: Social Security, Medicare, and Seniors

Issue Position

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Congressman Griffith is a fighter for Senior citizens. In Washington, he supports common-sense reforms to programs like Social Security and Medicare, but not at the risk of hurting our senior citizens.

Social Security is an agreement between the US government and the American worker, a contract that says that we will pay a with-holding tax on our income and the government will pay us back our money with interest once we reach retirement age.

Social Security benefits must be protected, but the institution is in trouble. The most recent report by the Social Security Trustees says that the Social Security trust fund will start spending more than it collects this year. Congressman Griffith is dedicated to ensuring its long-term solvency.

Likewise, we must make sure that Medicare continues to exist for the next generation of Senior citizens. We must protect this program.

We need to be using modern technology to stop the billions of dollars that seniors are being cheated out of each year in Medicare fraud. Those who claim to provide services to the needy but who in fact are cheats are amongst the most vile of non-violent criminals. As criminals become more adept at using technology to steal, the government needs to step up efforts to catch them. We need to be using the same modeling technology to catch Medicare fraud that credit card companies are using to catch fraudulent charges.

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