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Ken Cuccinelli Calls for Virginians to Rally Behind George Allen for U.S. Senate


Location: Henrico, VA

Today, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli called on Virginians to unite in support of George Allen for U.S. Senate. This endorsement comes on the heels of George Allen's June 12 Republican Primary victory.
"This election is about protecting Virginians' freedom and opportunity from an overreaching federal government," said Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. "George Allen's record shows that he believes that government should serve the people, not be an impediment to Virginia families and small businesses. When he was Governor, George cut taxes by $600 Million, built up the Rainy Day fund, and helped lead the creation of 300,000 new private sector jobs. By contrast, when he was Governor, Tim Kaine supported $4 Billion of tax hikes, raided the Rainy Day fund and presided over the loss of 100,000 jobs. As Senator, George Allen was one of 15 to vote against the bridge to nowhere and fought for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution."
"ObamaCare, which Tim Kaine calls a "great achievement,' was opposed by George Allen from day one," Attorney General Cuccinelli continued. "These two candidates have records that can be compared directly one to the other. George Allen's record towers above Tim Kaine's, and I'm proud to stand with George because I know he has the leadership and experience our Commonwealth needs in the U.S. Senate. It's time for all Virginians to stand behind George Allen for victory in November."
"I'm honored to receive the strong support of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in my race for U.S. Senate," said George Allen. "Ken is a key voice in our fight against Obamacare, and I'm grateful for his partnership in our shared goal of defeating the Obama-Kaine agenda that is hurting Virginia's small businesses and families. Ken has seen firsthand Tim Kaine's failed policies and he knows we can't afford six more years of failed leadership. Ken's endorsement adds to our growing support from Republicans, Independents and Democrats ready for positive solutions based on freedom and opportunity for all. I'm ready to bring Virginia's voices and values to Washington."

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