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Issue Position: Crime Prevention

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Neighborhood Watch Program & Website: Law enforcement alone cannot prevent crime, and officials depend on residents to be the eyes and ears of the neighborhood. That's why Napoleon would develop an innovative neighborhood watch website that uses social media to organize residents by neighborhood to watch for and report illegal activity. All residents would be provided with law enforcement phone numbers so that crimes can be quickly and accurately reported to the Police Department. Many neighborhoods throughout the United States have been able to reduce crime and increase neighborhood cohesiveness through neighborhood watch programs. The Southland could benefit from an organized program that creates a sense of personal responsibility for crime prevention. Such a program would make the neighborhood environment more appealing and attract new residents and businesses to the area.

Law Enforcement Education Pilot Program: As a youth, Napoleon learned to stay out of trouble by observing the consequences for breaking the law. That's why he supports a pilot program for Senate District 15 schools that would teach students about the law, consequences for breaking the law and opportunities to become a law enforcement professional.

The "Red Form" Program: Residents anonymously fill out red forms provided by the U.S. Department of Justice and use postage-paid envelopes to mail them. On these forms, residents describe suspected drug houses in their neighborhood and the activities that occur there. As State Senator, Napoleon would distribute these forms to households across the Southland so they can report crime without fear of so-called "snitching."

The Citizens Police Academy: This program is also sponsored by the U.S.
Department of Justice, the academy works with neighborhood residents interested in improving their communities. Participants learn about how the law enforcement system works and how to find solutions for crime-related issues in their neighborhood. Napoleon's state senate office would form the Southland Citizens Police Academy and coordinate with churches and community organizations to recruit citizens to join the Academy so they can lead neighborhood watch programs and mentor at-risk youth.

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