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Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position

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Nevada is an international tourist destination that lures crowds from around the world, which increases the need for resources to protect against terrorism and threats. Shelley has consistently delivered to keep Nevadans safe, whether it's ensuring homeland security programs are running smoothly or our first responders have the supplies they need.

On foreign policy, Shelley has stood with our allies to promote democracy. She served as the chair of the Transatlantic Legislators' Dialogue, an organization aimed at finding solutions for issues ranging from terrorism, to finance, to the environment and energy.

The death of Osama Bin Laden marked a change in America's mission in Afghanistan and time for us to begin bringing our brave troops home, shifting more responsibility to the Afghan people. Shelley's pushed for tough sanctions against oppressive regimes in North Korea, Syria, and Zimbabwe, and believes sanctions are the best tool to curb Iran's efforts to develop nuclear weapons.

Israel and the United States share an unbreakable bond. The strategic alliance between our two nations spans six decades, helping spread the values of democracy and facing down our common enemies. Shelley has been a leader in continuing our nation's steadfast support for the State of Israel. From working to protect natural growth in east Jerusalem and securing defensible borders for Israel to thwarting Iran's nuclear ambitions, Shelley has always placed the highest priority on the U.S.-Israel relationship. Shelley believes that we must promote peace in the region with the understanding that lasting peace cannot be achieved by imposing an agreement on Israel. It must come through meaningful discussion and consensus between Israel and its neighbors and cannot be realized until the terrorist Hamas network has been dismantled.

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