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North Carolina "Business Friendly" and Forbes Knows Better Than You

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He's done it again. Today, in a disastrous appearance in front of NFIB members in Raleigh, Lt. Governor Walter Dalton continued to show his fundamental misunderstanding of why North Carolina's government and economy are broken.

The McCrory campaign has repeatedly pointed out that Walter Dalton has said he doesn't believe North Carolina's state government is broken despite years of mismanagement by Lt. Governor Dalton's predecessors, Governors Bev Perdue and Mike Easley.

And today, Dalton said that North Carolina is "business friendly" in front of a group of small business owners and small business advocates! Despite a survey of North Carolina small businesses giving our economic climate a C-, Dalton proudly held up a Forbes magazine study as proof North Carolina's economy is "business friendly." But the same Forbes analysis showed North Carolina's economic climate ranked a distant 20th. So even Dalton's flawed analysis proves how incorrect he is on the subject. But the biggest elephant in the room for Walter Dalton was the fact that North Carolina has the 4th worst unemployment rate in the country.

Dalton thinks North Carolina is "business friendly" even though small businesses recently rated North Carolina a C- for regulations in a survey of business owners -- one of the worst nationally.
Dalton thinks North Carolina is "business friendly" even though our state ranks 44th in overall business tax friendliness.
Dalton thinks North Carolina is "business friendly" even though North Carolina has the highest corporate and personal income tax burden in the region.
Dalton thinks North Carolina is "business friendly" even though North Carolina ranks 41st in private sector job growth.

State Taxes Regulations
Florida B+ B-
Georgia B B+
South Carolina B A
North Carolina D+ C-
Virginia A- B+
Tennessee A A-
Walter Dalton can't fix a broken government he doesn't think is broken in the first place. Similarly, how can Lt. Governor Walter Dalton fix a broken economy when he thinks our state is already "business friendly."

If our state is so "business friendly," Mr. Dalton, then why do hardworking North Carolinians face the 4th highest unemployment rate in the country?

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