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Sandoval, Heller Rally Around GOP Nominee

Press Release

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Today Governor Brian Sandoval and U.S. Senator Dean Heller urged Nevadans to join together and rally around likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney with the following statement:

"No state more than ours needs a President who understands how jobs are created and believes in the power of American businesses. While America needs creativity and ingenuity in its leader, President Obama has failed to bring positive change to Washington and has left Nevada struggling to overcome the most difficult economy in decades. It's time to change direction and it's time for Republicans to come together and focus on winning in November. Governor Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee and I stand ready to help him become our next President," said Governor Brian Sandoval.

"More than ever, our nation needs a President with the conviction to stop excessive government spending, to rein in record levels of debt and to force Washington to treat taxpayers' dollars responsibly. Republicans and Americans of all political stripes must now come together and rally around Mitt Romney as the nominee who can defeat Barack Obama and put an end to short-sighted, excessive deficit spending. Since Day One, President Obama has fostered Washington's dangerous bailout culture and pushed a big-government agenda that violates our nation's basic principles. Today I encourage Nevadans to join together and elect a Republican president who will restore our nation to one of growth, optimism and strength," said Senator Dean Heller.

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