Bullock Announces $100 Million Job-Creating Homeowners Property Tax Rebate

Press Release

By:  Steve Bullock
Date: June 13, 2012
Location: Helena, MT

Steve Bullock, Montana's Attorney General and the Democratic nominee for Governor, announced a job-creating $100 million homeowner's property tax rebate today. It would amount to $400 for each homeowner that has a primary residence in the state, and is the first announcement of an overall plan to create jobs and invest in Montana communities.

At a press conference in downtown Helena's business district, Bullock said that as Governor his top priority would be helping small businesses create jobs and growing Montana's economy. The property tax rebate will mean millions of dollars spent on Main Streets across the state, Bullock said.

"Montana's fiscal management has left us in a better position than nearly any other state -- and because of that, we can invest in our priorities and return money to taxpayers," Bullock said. "This job-creating rebate is a responsible approach that will return money to Montana taxpayers and help small businesses create jobs, all without creating Washington, D.C.-style budget deficits."

The measure is a one-time expenditure that does not create long-term budget deficits.

Small businesswoman Shalon Hastings, the owner of Taco Del Sol in Helena, joined Bullock at the announcement and applauded the job creating homeowner tax rebate.

"If you put money in the hands of Montanans they will spend it on Main Street and small businesses will create jobs on Main Street," Hastings said. "Every small businessperson is looking for ways to grow their business and hire more people -- this tax rebate will help us do that."

The homeowner tax rebate program was effectively and inexpensively implemented in 2007, Bullock added.

Rep. Chuck Hunter (D-Helena), a convenience store owner and the Vice Chairman of the Business and Labor Committee, said Bullock's proposal would be a boon for job creation in every community.

"This plan would ensure that millions of dollars are spent in local businesses and jobs are created in every community. Strong fiscal management has created this opportunity, and this investment will help both families and small businesses," Hunter said."

The homeowner tax rebate is part of an overall balanced approach to creating jobs that Bullock will be unveiling over the next several months.

"In order to create jobs we need to have a balanced approach that includes tax rebates, investments in education, improvements to our public infrastructure and healthy budget surpluses for a rainy day. Voters deserve concrete proposals and straight-talk, and that's what they can expect from this campaign," Bullock added.

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