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White House Should Look and Listen to Proven Conservative Principles to Grow Economy


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"There are none so blind as those who will not see" is an idiomatic expression that essentially means you can't make someone see if he or she refuses to look.

While it is a phrase popularized by 17th century English clergyman Matthew Henry, it is equally relevant today. That's because this President and his ultra-liberal allies in Congress continue to insist the country is going in the right direction, even though the evidence all around them indicates otherwise -- if they would bother to look and listen.

In June 2010, for example, the White House kicked off "Recovery Summer" to sell the supposed success of the Administration's trillion-dollar stimulus bill, which the President insisted would keep unemployment under 8 percent. Two years later, few but the most obtuse are buying that pitch.

Unemployment has stayed above 8 percent for a record 40 consecutive months. Furthermore, the nation has lost 552,000 jobs since this President took office, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. More than 23.2 million Americans are either unemployed, under-employed or have given up looking for work. And real median household family income is down $4,350.

Combine that with high energy prices, runaway spending, a nearly $16 trillion national debt, crippling over-regulation, and the largest tax increase in U.S. history if the White House and Senate Democrats don't join with Republicans to extend the tax rates set to expire January 1, and our nation's economic outlook appears bleak.

Such numbers indicate the need for a course-correction. Instead, this Administration is doubling down on failure by staying the course. Sure, the President conceded Friday, the pace of recovery is slow. But he added that is because the recessionary hole the country is trying to climb out of is so deep. He neglected to mention that his failed economic agenda has only dug the hole deeper, choosing instead to blame Republicans and point to problems in Europe.

Well, it is time for the President to put down the shovel.

If the White House can't see a way out of this mess, then they should look to those of us who can. As the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, I have outlined to the Administration the core principles and proven solutions that will guide our nation out of the hole and onto the path of economic recovery much quicker. These core beliefs are simple, ones espoused by Ronald Reagan and embraced by the vast majority of us here in Utah.

Simply put, we believe in the free market and adhere to tried and true business principles. Unlike this White House, we don't believe in punishing success by hiking taxes on the very small-business owners who create the majority of the jobs in the country. We believe in living within our means, not in spending more than we have. We believe in keeping our taxes low. We believe in growing the private sector, not the size of government.

We also believe in commonsense regulation, not the job-killing over-regulation that has come to characterize this Administration. We believe in innovation, the kind that comes from 50 states acting as independent laboratories to devise solutions that best fit their needs, not in one-size-fits-all mandates handed down from Washington that only make matters worse. We believe in being energy self-sufficient by responsibly developing our own resources instead of paying Brazil and other foreign nations to develop theirs. In short, we believe in getting government off our backs and out of our wallets.

Yes, the solutions for our nation's pressing problems are readily apparent. The evidence is plain to see and hear. All this President and his Capitol Hill allies have to do is look and listen. And if they have the courage to act on what they see and hear, they will become believers too.

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