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Lugar Introduces Resolution Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the United States -- Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Senator Richard Lugar today introduced a resolution commemorating the 60th anniversary of the United States -- Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty and the vitality of the overall bilateral relationship.

"The United States -- Philippines relationship represents shared sacrifice in defense of freedom," said Lugar. "While historically we have worked well together on multiple fronts, it is necessary that the two countries discern new ways to expand trade, account for their mutual defense and promote stability throughout the region. The upcoming visit of President Benigno Aquino is a noteworthy benchmark with our ever expanding cooperation."

Read the full resolution here.

Co-sponsors of the resolution are Senators Kerry, Inhofe, Webb, Ayotte, Cochran and Inouye.

Lugar was named by President Ronald Reagan to lead the official U.S. delegation to observe the presidential election in the Philippines in 1986. After long term dictator Ferdinand Marcos attempted to steal the elections, Reagan urged him to leave the country based on the observations of Lugar's delegation. The democratically elected Corazon Aquino then became president.

Lugar will meet with President Aquino on Thursday and attend a State Department lunch for President Aquino on Friday.

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