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9/11 Recommendations Implementation Act

Location: Washington, DC

9/11 RECOMMENDATIONS IMPLEMENTATION ACT -- (Extensions of Remarks - October 11, 2004)



The House in Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union had under consideration the bill (H.R. 10) to provide for reform of the intelligence community, terrorism prevention and prosecution, border security, and international cooperation and coordination, and for other purposes:

Mr. GALLEGLY. Mr. Chairman, I move to strike the last word. I rise in opposition to the amendment proposed by the gentleman from New Jersey.

The substitute offered by the gentleman from New Jersey lacks or waters down many of the important provisions recommended by the 9/11 Commission and included in H.R. 10 in its current form.

Border security is essential to national security. The 9/11 Commission recognized this truth. H.R. 10, in its current form, does justice to the 9/11 recommendations by proposing reasonable, meaningful immigration reforms to shore up border and travel security. These provisions would speed up implementation of our entry and exit tracking system and increase the number of border patrol officers. Another provision would help "push out the border" by expanding the program for pre-screening passengers before they can embark to the United States to additional countries.

The 9/11 Commission also stressed the importance of secure identity. The 9/11 Commission makes clear that without the regulation of identification documents, those who wish to harm us can use false identities to evade detection or use false identities to enter secure spaces, such as airplanes or nuclear facilities. H.R. 10 would regulate which forms of identification can be accepted as proof of identity by Federal officials-a reform I have long fought for-so that non-secure foreign IDs cannot be utilized by terrorists or violent criminals wishing to evade the law or enter secure spaces undetected. Importantly, it would also set standards for states to ensure state driver's licenses and state identification cards are secure.

I take particular pride of authorship in the provisions that would set immigrant identification standards, expand pre-inspection efforts at foreign airports, reform the designation process for foreign terrorist organizations, increase penalties for identification fraud and for false claims of citizenship, and support creation of a unified system for transliteration of names into the roman alphabet. I am pleased that these initiatives have become part of this landmark legislation.

Each of the Title III, "Border Security and Terrorist Travel," provisions are essential to the national security and should be retained in their current form. Therefore, I urge a "no" vote on the Menendez substitute amendment.

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