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Issue Position: Stopping Illegal Immigration

Issue Position

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If you don't know who is coming into your country, how can you know they don't intend to do you harm?

I believe in strengthening our borders with fences, increased surveillance, increased man power, detention facilities, and an increased commitment to FULLY enforce our laws -- no excuses, no delays, and no second chances for those who break our laws. Amnesty is not an option.

We must also step up enforcement in the vast interior portion of our country. Houston has already seen the violence that can be brought to our streets by human smugglers, drug traffickers, and illegal immigrant gangs. We shouldn't have gun battles in our neighborhoods between these gangs and police officers being shot by criminal illegal immigrants.

And I will continue to support the valiant work of our border patrol and border sheriffs. It is a travesty that the good men and women who are manning the front lines on our border should ever have to fear prosecution for protecting our sovereign soil. That is why we must have a Department of Homeland Security that will clarify the "rules of engagement" so those who protect our border are empowered and emboldened to do this good work.

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