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Issue Position: Decrease Partisan Bickering and Improve the Process

Issue Position

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Politicians should battle it out in campaigns, but once elected in Olympia, they should work together to find solutions. Here is what we can do to help them work together:

Remove the aisle: Senators should sit together and work together. Lincoln said "A house divided cannot stand." The aisle separates the parties and promotes division and decreases the sense that they are working together. No business would split a team working on its most important policies into two groups, and we citizens shouldn't allow this.

Act as a mediator: I'll make the Lieutenant Governor's office into the 'Switzerland' of the legislature - a place where legislators can go to get help working out their disagreements. The Lieutenant Governor is not a part of either caucus and can work as a mediator on the issues facing the legislature.

Change the rules: Right now, the rules are set up to promote single party control. Legislators are elected from around the state, and they should all have an equal say in conference committees and on standing committees like the rules committee (which the Lieutenant Governor chairs).

Make a plan: Last session, 4,000 bills were introduced; this points to a lack of priorities within the legislature. I will use my business training to work with legislative and committee leaders to help them develop a strategic plan for the state. It's not the Lieutenant Governor's role to tell them what the plan should be, but it is necessary to help them come up with a plan and a clear set of priorities.

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