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Pakistan is a Safe Haven for the Taliban and Al Qaeda

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. HOCHUL. Madam Speaker, as we recall the brave heroes of the D-day invasion 68 years ago today, I thought of the new American heroes who are fighting for us on the front lines of Afghanistan, a place I left a few weeks ago, and the 36 hours I spent in the war zone speaking to them.

Conversations with generals, diplomats, and the troops on the ground confirm that Pakistan remains a safe haven for the Taliban and al Qaeda. First it was proved to the world when Osama Bin Laden was found to be hiding there for a lengthy amount of time.

But on Monday, a drone strike just over the Pakistani border killed al Qaeda's number 2 in command, further proving beyond all doubt that Pakistan continues to harbor terrorists. If Pakistan is unwilling to condemn these international terrorists and work with the United States to find them, they should not be eligible for foreign aid. Period. End.

I pledge to continue to work in a bipartisan way with my colleagues to restrict funds as long as Pakistan sits by and provides refuge to terrorists who put our troops, which I just left, and our Nation, in harm's way.

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