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Turner to Obama: Enough is Enough, Time to Change Course


Location: New York, NY

In response to the release of the May jobs numbers and subsequent rise in the unemployment rate, Congressman Bob Turner (NY-09) is calling on President Obama to put the American people first, immediately end wild spending practices, and demand the Senate pass House approved bills to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

"Today's release of the May jobs numbers have proven that despite the arrival of summer, President Obama is content on leaving Americans and small businesses out in the cold. Three and half years after the implementation of his spend-first economic policy, the unemployment rate remains steadfastly above 8%. That number far exceeds the projections this administration promised while beginning its massive spending spree with America's credit card. The free spending must stop now. It should come as no surprise to anyone that if you threaten higher taxes and greater regulation, businesses, especially small businesses, will not expand. You can't expect the unemployment rate to go down when you cut out the legs of the businesses looking to create jobs. President Obama must chart a new course to bring American families and businesses in from the cold chill of our frozen economy. My colleagues and I in the house have sponsored and passed more than 30 such job creating bills that are sitting on the floor of the Senate. Simply put, his policies are not working. I encourage President Obama to demand his colleagues in the Senate to end their stall tactics and pass the legislation that will help put Americans back to work."

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