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Equal Pay for Equal Work

Our state's laws on gender pay equity haven't fundamentally changed since 1943 and "Rosie the Riveter' building B-17 bombers forced a change in state law. Over 65 years later, including the Feminist Movement', women still on average make 25% less than their male counterparts for comparable work in Washington. That discrimination in equal pay for equal work is just plain primitive in today's economy. While federal law controls much on this issue, Glenn's initiative was meant to be the discussion starter for what our state can do to take the initiative and set a national example on how to close the equal pay for equal work gap.

Emergency Preparedness

There is no time for government to perform with more urgency and with direct intervention than when there is a catastrophic natural or terroristic event. Glenn's initiative passed into law after the 911 New York attack on our nation to upgrade our first responder communications networks provided a much needed review and recommendations for improvement. Unfortunately, much remains to be done to fully implement those recommendations and overcome bureaucratic infighting.

Citizenship Required for Benefits

Citizenship is the passkey to accessing the benefits that the American social contract provides to all that believe in the ideals and rules of our nation. It is our most fundamental civil right that provides all others. If there is no belief that participating in our social contract as a citizen is a benefit, then why should anybody support the institutions that provide those benefits? Glenn's initiatives to require positive proof of citizenship to 1) register to vote, 2) get a driver's license and 3) to be employed by a government agency or program are all designed to assure that those who do play by the rules receive the benefits to which they may be entitled from our state. The state should significantly increase its efforts to fund and support those individuals seeking naturalized citizenship.

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