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Issue Position: Budget & Taxes

Issue Position

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Performance Audits

When first elected to the Legislature Glenn campaigned on getting strong performance audits enacted into law to protect taxpayers and show that they were getting results for their investment. Glenn's performance audit initiative was enacted into law by Initiative 900 giving the State Auditor the power and funding to conduct independent performance audits of government agencies.

Authority to Levy Taxes & Fees

When government, at any level, imposes a new tax or fee there should be the clear and unambiguous authority to do so, not just an "interpretation' or "assumption'. Currently, according to the state Department of Revenue it is unknown how many of the taxes and fees collected by state and local government lack the valid legal authority to be imposed.

Tax Collection Transparency

Many of our state's taxes are collected through private sector service providers, such as utilities (electric, phone, cable, waste), that consumers must pay to continue to receive service and not damage their credit rating. Glenn continues to fight for the right of consumers to receive annual summary of "hidden' taxes paid through private sectors service providers to assure they are getting their money's worth.

Balanced Budgets

Every family must have a budget that lives within their means to successfully invest in their future. Government must do exactly the same thing if we are to invest in schools, parks and medical facilities that enhance our quality-of-life. Spending more than you have and expecting someone else to pick up the bill is a lifestyle built on lies. Balanced budgets require choices and priorities.

Rainy Day Fund

When times are good that is the time to save a cushion of money for when times are not so good. The state economy (and budget) will always have ups and downs, but the bad times don't have to be so dramatic if we keep a reasonable amount saved up for those times. Glenn's initiative for a state budget "rainy day' fund was successfully enacted into law when voters approved constitutional amendment SJR8206.

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