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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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K-12 Education

Fund Education First

Article IX of our state constitution states that providing a general and uniform basic K12 education to all children is the "paramount duty' of Washington State government. Glenn's Fund Education First Initiative would require a dedicated K12 budget to be funded, passed and signed by the Governor before the legislature could budget monies for any other program as directed by our state constitution. This initiative has been endorsed as a priority by the Washington state PTSA.

Middle School Guidance Counseling

Successful middle school guidance counseling has a significant impact on getting students through to high school graduation. Students, parents and teachers all need to been on the same page as to what the academic expectations are and the resource available to achieve are. The Navigation 101 program has shown very promising results and is a place we should make a larger investment.

Quality Math & Science Curriculum

Math and science literacy is the key knowledge to understand how our world works and why. Glenn's initiative to reform state math standards resulted in a successful comprehensive rewrite of state math standards.

Financial Literacy

Knowing how to manage your money is one of the most basic skills in life that gives any individual more personal freedom to pursue their life goals. It is especially, important for low-income children as they take the opportunities to build a successful life. Glenn continues to push to financial literacy training in all schools and integrated into social service assistance programs.

Higher Education

Tuition Reform

The decision to pursue an advanced college education can be a challenging choice, but one that can provide a rich lifetime of rewards in many ways. Middle class families make mighty sacrifices to provide that opportunity to their children. Over the last 20 years university tuition costs have skyrocketed and forced many young adults deeply into debt undermining their ability to get a solid start on life. Glenn led the fight against giving state universities unlimited tuition setting authority after both legislative performance auditors and the governor's budget office stated that the state's higher education cost management systems had collapsed. Glenn's initiative would have required fundamental reforms to our college and university system as a condition for additional tuition setting authority.
Remedial Education Reform

When high school graduates seek to attend college they should be prepared to do college-level work. Between 30-50% of entering freshman have to take remedial courses in English and Mathematics, which means the state is effectively paying twice for the same instruction. Glenn's initiative would allow colleges and universities to charge back to school districts the cost of remedial instruction for those graduates who had not received the necessary level of instruction to be successful.

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