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Issue Position: Republic

Issue Position

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No value is more sacred to our society than the ability to govern ourselves; the belief that everyone should have a say in their own government. We each get one vote, but just one vote that is equal to everyone else's vote. That vote should be protected from fraud, distortion and interference.

Protecting Voters:

No voter should ever be disenfranchised by voter fraud, inaccurate vote tallies or faulty voting equipment. I'll work to enhance voter identification requirements to protect each voter while ensuring every voter has access to state of the art voting equipment.

Ensuring Fair Ballots:

Over the last several years, we've seen significant changes to Missouri law happen at the ballot box through both referendums and initiative petitions. When voters go to the polls to weigh in on a referendum or an initiative petition they should be able to find out exactly what they're being asked to decide without undue slant, bias or distortion in the ballot summary. I'll work to reform the ballot summary process so that voters are never misled about the true nature and impact of a referendum or initiative petition.

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