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Amodei: Mr. President, I Beg to Differ


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Mark Amodei (NV-2) today took issue with President Obama's claim that "the private sector is doing fine" in the struggling economy.

Amodei: "With all due respect Mr. President, I beg to differ. Tell the nearly 160,000 Nevadans who are looking for work 'the private sector is doing fine.'

"Tell the tens of thousands of Nevadans who have given up and dropped out of the workforce 'the private sector is doing fine.'

"Tell the new graduates who you just visited at UNLV, who don't have prospects for jobs to pay their student loans 'the private sector is doing fine.'

"Tell the homeowners who are facing equity and refinancing disaster 'the private sector is doing fine.'

"Tell the business owners who are struggling to keep the doors open under the daily threat of increased taxation and regulation 'the private sector is doing fine.'

"If the President really believes 'the private sector is doing fine,' then apparently 10 trips to the Silver State aren't enough for him to understand the problems Nevadans from all walks continue to face."

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